August 9, 2018 (Admin) News

August 2-3, 61 at Computer Lab 25-605 Information Technology Building Yala Rajabhat University Lecturer Preecha Phungsubun Director of Academinc Recource Center Yala Rajabhat University Inaugurated a training workshop on enhancing the skills of using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel Advanced for staffs of government agencies, state enterprises, individuals and individuals. In the three southern border provinces. 

Dr. Narodom KittiDechanupap Director for Information and Communication Technology Resources Yala Rajabhat University said that the development of educational quality project and educational personnel in the southern border, "Enhancing Microsoft Wordd and Microsoft Excel Advaned Skills" the purpose is to raise the standard of teachers and educational personnel. Haw to use the basic commands in Microsoft word program, to create a form to complete the data. Learn how to perform mail merge, understand the structurd and insert formula, Microsoft excel functions, use graphs in various ways. Create complex formulas and use Data Validation to validate data.