May 23, 2019 (Admin) About Us

The Office of Academic Resources is a government establishment in Yala Rajabhat University under the Ministry of Education.The name was later on changed to include Information and Technology since it includes a Computer center.

On May 20th,2005
The administration of Yala Rajabhat University restructured the library and Information technology services.
The services include; The of the Director,The secretariat.The information Resource center consisting of information resources,Information Technology for Education,computer center,command system Networking,Training and Service Department.

On the 23rd of June 2006
The Ministry of Education announced the division of Public services of Yala Rajabhat University into departments under the Office of the director.

On 20th October 2006
There was administrative structuring within Yala Rajabhat university.
The Directors office is the center for information while other departments were divided into sub-level units.
Office of the Director;General management.
Information center consists of services;
1.Information Resource Development.
2.Service and dissemination of infoormation
3.Information Technology for education.
The Computer center consists of 4 tasks.
1.General Management.
3.Information Technology for management.
4.Service and Training.